House Blessing @ San Antonio Village, Makati

House Blessing @ San Antonio Village, Makati

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Most people do a house blessing ceremony when they move into a new home, believing that this ceremony will cleanse the house from any other evil spirits, to protect your family and keep them safe. House blessing marks a new beginning in the family’s history and the people who come in with presents and goodwill are expected to bless the family a very happy and prosperous stay in their new house.

Generally, a house blessing is an open house in which you invite people you know and new neighbors to come see your new house. You would have food and refreshments. There really wouldn’t a need for other activities because your guests will be busy looking around your new place, although you want to be sure there is enough seating for everyone.

It would be advisable if you hold it over a two to four-hour period so people can come and go at different times. That way you don’t have everyone there at once, and it’s easier for people to get around and look at things.

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